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Loss of a loved one or close friend is an inevitable part of life, and each individual grieves in their own way, depending on a number of situational factors surrounding the loss or their own past experiences.  Grief is a strong emotion felt following a loss, and the process and length of time for grieving is not the same for everyone.  For some individuals, feelings of grief will begin to dissipate and eventually fade; however, for others, grief lingers long after the loss and the residual effects begin to worsen.  Grief can cause feelings of sadness, loneliness, depression, denial, numbness or guilt.  However, individuals who experience longer lasting grief may become withdrawn, avoid talking about the loss, experience fluctuating moods, engage in substance use and abuse, lack self-care or may become disinterested in fulfilling daily responsibilities.


Treatment for Bereavement

Psychotherapy can help individuals deal with grief and loss, specifically through the use of grief counselling.  The psychologist or psychotherapist will work with the individual to understand their grief and other associated emotions, as well as moving toward a healthy resolution of the grief.


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