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Group Therapy

Group therapy provides treatment in a format where there is typically one therapist and six to twelve participants with related problems. Sometimes a therapist may recommend group therapy over individual therapy for a variety of reasons. It may be that the group format is better suited for the person or the concern they are dealing with, or that the specific type of treatment has a group therapy component.

People in group therapy improve not only from the interventions of the therapist, but also from observing others in the group and receiving feedback from group members. The group format, while not providing the one-on-one attention of individual formats, has several advantages.

  • Increased feedback
    Group therapy can provide individuals with feedback from other group members. Getting different perspectives is often helpful in promoting growth and change.
  • Modeling
    By seeing how others handle similar problems, the individual can rapidly add new coping methods to his or her behaviors. This is beneficial in that it can give the individual a variety of perspectives on what seem to work and when.
  • Improve social skills
    Since so much of our daily interaction is with other people, many people learn to improve their social skills in group therapy (even though such an issue may not be the focus of the group). The group leader, a therapist, often helps people to learn to communicate more clearly and effectively with one another in the group context. This is inevitably leads to people learning new social skills which they can generalize and use in all of their relationships with others.

Unlike individual therapy sessions, group therapy offers participants the opportunity to interact with others with similar issues in a safe, supportive environment. Participants can try out new behaviors, role play, and engage with others in not only receiving valuable feedback and insight from other group members, but also in giving it.

At North Durham Professional Counsellors, we are currently offering the following group program for children and adolescents ages 5-8, 9-12, and 13-17:

COPING & UNDERSTANDING AUTISM – SIBLINGS GROUP: Having a sibling diagnosed with Autism can be confusing, and impose a lot of challenges. This 6 week program will assist siblings in developing new skills and techniques to help them deal with any difficulties they may be experiencing.

SOCIAL SKILLS: Children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder often have difficulty interacting and socializing with peers. This 6 week program helps build positive social relationships where self-esteem and self-confidence can develop age-appropriately

ANGER MANAGEMENT: This 6 week program focuses on various anger styles, effective communication skills, self-esteem, healthy relationships, and stress management.