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There are numerous challenges that a father or mother may face as they raise a child.  Throughout their son or daughters’ lives, parents are continuously concerned with being a good role model to their children, developing effective discipline techniques, ensure their children remain safe, healthy, independent and happy, and teaching them ways to build healthy relationships with people close to them.  At times, some individuals may find themselves overwhelmed with these ongoing demands and need guidance.


How Counselling Can Help

Counselling can be done in preparation for the child to be born, during pregnancy, or at any point in the child’s life.  Parents can benefit from counselling as they learn communication tools for speaking with their children and coping strategies during stressful times or when facing challenges with their child.  A counsellor would work with the parent to recognize their role, discuss ways to help their children as they encounter difficulties, and better understand their children at different stages of development.  Family therapy may also be used to address some of these issues.


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