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Psycho-educational Assessment

Comprehensive Psychological and Psychoeducational Assessments

Working with both children, adolescents, and adults, our team of professionals at North Durham Professional Counsellors conduct Comprehensive Psychoeducational Assessments that help determine an individual’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses in the areas of language development, memory, verbal and visual learning, and information processing. With this understanding, we may improve academic achievement, work performance, and overall quality of life for all ages. Psychological and psycho-educational assessments usually involve an in-depth interview and completion of relevant psychological tests to identify learning needs and strengths, identify emotional or behavioural problems, and to provide recommendations to facilitate learning and academic achievement, or work performance.

Psychoeducational assessments for children and adolescents are typically conducted when they are experiencing learning difficulties and poor academic performance at school. The information is then used to guide program development on an individual basis to facilitate learning and help children reach their potential in the school setting. Unlike standardized testing usually provided in the school setting, a psychoeducational assessment is one-on-one and uses a variety of tools to develop a complete perspective of your child’s academic skills and cognitive abilities. It is important to determine not just how much your child has learned, but how he/she learns and goes about the task of solving problems.